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Where Creativity Wins

About Us

The 284 Foundation is a British Virgin Islands (BVI) based non-profit organization whose mission is to support creative arts education opportunities for young people in the BVI. The organization was founded in 2018 by BVI based fashion designer Kristin Frazer as the charitable arm of Trèfle Inc., a luxury swim and resort wear brand founded and operating in Tortola since 2008.

“My entire life has been an open book of creative expression and the opportunities afforded to me on a local and international level is something that I think must be passed on to the young people of the BVI. Creativity must always win.”

Frazer, a creative who spent her childhood studying music and design, has always supported artistic young people in her community through mentorship and teaching. After Hurricanes’ Irma and Maria devastated the BVI in fall of 2017, it became clear that access to arts education and enrichment was being significantly threatened as the BVI was forced to focus on rebuilding basic infrastructure and core curriculum. The 284 Foundation was born out of Frazer’s desire help the talented, creative youth of the territory not lose their opportunities to nurture their gifts and turn their dreams into their future careers as she once did.

The Work We Do

Celebrating and opening up access to opportunities in the creative industries is at the heart of the 284 Foundation’s mission. In addition to its own fashion design and mentorship program, the 284 Foundation continues to make an impact through various grant programs it awards to local BVI arts education programs, such dance schools, music programs and other fine arts education opportunities. It also offers scholarship programs youth between the ages of 10-18 to gain access to creative skill training programs, workshops and internships.

Who We Are

The 284 Foundation is managed by an external Board of Directors comprised of some of the best creative and business minds in the world, all of which are passionate about furthering the Foundation’s mission in the BVI. Our small team of administrators are guided and empowered to execute the shared vision and fulfill the goals established by the Board. All grant and scholarship awards are vetted, voted on and awarded through the external board in a formulated process, with full transparent reporting and accountability.


The #Creativitywins campaign is our first running visual element that evokes expression of the mind! We encourage everyone to find their inner creativity and wear this shirt in support of the many young people that are still hopeful for a better BVI! We look forward to seeing you in your custom shirt! Let’s go global!